Board Members

No one said it better than our current Board President, Billie Hires. “Serving is how you show others what is important to you and what you care about.” Serving is also rewarded through the B2B relationships you establish and friendships formed. Please consider how you can help us build a stronger economic future for all of us by joining our board. Click on our board members’ pictures to learn more about them, their businesses, and their commitment to our communities.

Billie Hires, President, Cassopolis/Vandalia Chamber of Commerce

Billie Hires, President

Darren Williamson, Vice-President Cassopolis Vandalia Chamber of Commerce

Darren Williamson, VP

Diana McGrew, Board Member, Cass/Van Chamber of Commerce, Cass County, MI

Dianna McGrew, Secretary

Melanie Hunsberger, Board Member, Cass/Van Chamber of Commerce, Cass County, MI

Melanie Hunsberger

Julie Hartman, Board Member, Cass/Van Chamber of Commerce

Julie Hartman

Tracy Mast, Cassopolis/Vandalia Board Member

Tracy Mast

Jeff Nelson, Owner, Bolt Laserworks, Cassopolis, MI

Jeff Nelson

Eugene Wagner

Meredith Kujawa, Treasurer